Song Title Album
A Song For My Son  Jackie
A Song For My Son (solo)  Castles and Kings
Agates In The Sand  Jackie
Alone In The Rain  Close Enough To Touch
And She Said...  Burning Into Twilight
Black Is The Color  Castles and Kings
Blue Castle  Jackie
Blue Morocco  Summer Wind
Born Of My Lover (acoustic)  Castles and Kings
Born Of My Lover (Song for Ennis)  Eyes So Blue
Bound To Leave Me  Burning Into Twilight
Burning Into Twilight  Burning Into Twilight
Candace Whitney  Summer Wind
Cast By The Sea  Summer Wind
Castles And Kings  Castles and Kings
Catch The Setting Sun  Summer Wind
Champagne and Wedding Bands  Burning Into Twilight
Chantille / Who Are You?  Summer Wind
Close Enough To Touch (Acoustic)  Close Enough To Touch
Come What May  Burning Into Twilight
Do You Remember Me?  Jackie
Don’t Touch Me (Slow)  Close Enough To Touch
Ever After  Summer Wind
Eyes So Blue  Eyes So Blue
Eyes So Blue (low)  Castles and Kings
Forever With You  Jackie
Her Name Was Jackie  Jackie
Her Name Was Jackie (solo)  Castles and Kings
Into the Northern Sky  Burning Into Twilight
John Barleycorn  Castles and Kings
Lost, a Friend  Jackie
Love Is Not For The Faint Of Heart  Eyes So Blue
Mary Alice  Burning Into Twilight
Matty Groves  Castles and Kings
Matty Groves (Re-Mastered)  Close Enough To Touch
May Your Heart Live Forever  Summer Wind
My Sweet Maureen  Burning Into Twilight
Night Of Distant Echoes  Eyes So Blue
Night of Distant Echoes (acoustic)  Burning Into Twilight
Night of Distant Echoes (Tremolo)  Close Enough To Touch
Other Flesh and Bone (acoustic)  Burning Into Twilight
Round and Round  Eyes So Blue
Sabre, At Night  Summer Wind
Sarah  Burning Into Twilight
Sleep By My Side, And Dream (soft)  Summer Wind
Somewhere In The Distance  Close Enough To Touch
Standing On Hallowed Ground  Eyes So Blue
Summer Wind  Summer Wind
Summer Wind (Re-Mastered)  Close Enough To Touch
Tables Turn, And Matches Burn  Summer Wind
Tam Lin  Close Enough To Touch
Tell Me It Was Only a Dream  Burning Into Twilight
The Bonnie Woods Of Hattan  Castles and Kings
The Cuckoo  Castles and Kings
The Dying Of The Light  Jackie
The Lonely Girl  Burning Into Twilight
The One Who Stole Your Life  Eyes So Blue
The Shadow Of A Knife  Close Enough To Touch
The Somerset Mare  Eyes So Blue
The Somerset Mare (Re-Mastered)  Close Enough To Touch
Under The Tropic Moon  Close Enough To Touch
Upon My Love  Close Enough To Touch
Whether We Live Or Die (Soft)  Close Enough To Touch
Wild Eagles  Summer Wind
Worlds, In Their Turns  Jackie

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