Commentary - Eyes So Blue

1. Night Of Distant Echoes
2. Eyes So Blue
3. The Somerset Mare
4. The One Who Stole Your Life
5. Round and Round
6. Love Is Not For The Faint Of Heart
7. Born Of My Lover (Song for Ennis)
8. Standing On Hallowed Ground

Night Of Distant Echoes

Anyone with barest modicum of morality, decency and justice cannot help but be deeply disturbed by the violations of human rights, and injustices, we see paraded across our T.V. screens and computer monitors, daily, as we watch the news from near and far: Government oppression; Terrorist atrocities, where innocents are heinously murdered - in the name of God no less; The brutalities of push-button warfare, where enemy foreigners die under the hand of technocrats using the most advanced weapons deficit spending can buy - weapons that, cleanly and conveniently, never require the killer to see the agony upon the face of his victims - or even know whether they were old or young; man, woman or child.

Even the United States of America, which has long claimed to be a virtuous proponent of human dignity - even the dignity of an enemy, where possible - has now earned an international reputation for the brutal torture and degradation of it's enemies in what are, essentially, concentration camps and secret prisons - akin to the infamous dungeons of medieval England - playgrounds for sadistic fiends and perverts - all state sanctioned, of course - which is supposed to make it upright and honorable...


I feel, at times, that I'm watching this evil and insane world from afar - and wishing I could retreat to some lofty and remote crag of a mountaintop, to hide, to be isolated from it, to await the time when God brings it all to an end - lest I be tempted to try to rectify the situation myself - which would only make me another perpetrator of evil...

...for no man's justice is ever perfect, is it?

And so, I will sit, atop my lonely crag...

...and wait.

Eyes So Blue

I once loved a beautiful, blue-eyed blonde girl who lived on an Indian reservation in Arizona. I almost won her heart, but she had been deeply in love with my indifferent brother, who is about fifteen years older than I am. She would, understandably, not allow herself to marry into the family - because my brother would always be there, a reminder of her disappointment. It was the last thing I'd expected - to be competing with my brother: When we met, I was twenty-one. She was nineteen. He was thirty-six, seventeen years her senior!

Ten years passed, with her turning away many suitors, still waiting on my brother - who never was interested to begin with, and, in fact, never married at all.

I remained single for another eleven years, proposing to her ten years after our first meeting. She teetered upon acceptance, but alas...

I feel that we were both cheated of happy years by this sad triangle, but I don't lay blame upon her.

Finally, her world crumbled. Her mentor died, and, love-starved, she turned her back upon all her friends, abandoned her values, and moved far away. The last I heard, she had married, and was living in the Midwest...

I hope he's a good man.

The Somerset Mare

This song is my attempt to create something that could be mistaken for a traditional British folk song - or at least have some of that "feel".

Set in Medieval England, it's about a beautiful girl who's been turned into a fabulous horse of radiant aspect by a jealous magician. Only half-conscious of her previous humanity, see runs among the forests of Somerset County, often pursued by hopeful peasants and rogues... and her heartbroken lover.

The song ends with an optimistic assurance that the two lovers will finally be united someday, maintaining that even Fate itself must yield to a love so true.

The One Who Stole Your Life

Be careful what you ask for - you may get it.

In this case, I was fortunate, in that I didn't get what I asked for:

I had been single for a long time, when I met a beautiful 19 year old slip of a girl - tall, and waifishly thin, a pert smile. I was entranced. In my loneliness, she became almost an obsession to me. I needed her, so very badly. In effect, she stole my life - but she turned me away (she was looking for a wimp to rule. Rocks on the road, I'm afraid).

Whereas her life since has been a staggering death march of bones and broken hearts (think of Cupid... with a machine gun!), my life has been quite solid, stable, and fairly fulfilling - and she cannot be part of it.

In the end, you see, I stole her life - or at least, the fulfilling one she could have had, with me.

And I won't give it back...

Round and Round

A doleful song, concerning the seeming futility of our short lives:

With the beauty of youth, high hopes, and a certain expectation of achievement and entitlement, we ride out of the castle gates, as if 'a valiant knight in burnished armor, lance in hand, the oriflamme of future great deeds raised on high. But, no sooner do we enter the field of tourney, than our armor tarnishes, our faithful charger begins to slow and stumble, and the crimson banner atop our dipping lance fades into a dull travesty of it's original majestic hues.

And, soon enough, the faltering tale is told, having been...

"full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."
- Shakespeare's "Macbeth", upon the death of his wife.

Love Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

This sultry piece is about a married couple making love upon the deck of a sailboat. I didn't write from first-hand experience... but, maybe someday...

There also a more explicit version of this song which, should I ever gather sufficient courage, I may release. It's pretty steamy.


Born Of My Lover (Song for Ennis)

A pensive ballad, of a father's musings upon the future of his girl-child daughter:

Ennis is my daughter (it's a Celtic name. Her full name is Ennis Siobhan Cochran.) I wrote this song about her when she was about twelve years old - Blonde hair, blue eyes, a few freckles, and just darling.

That summer, my daughter was a little girl - but by the end of winter, seemed more a young woman. My little girl was gone - in her place, an unfolding mystery...

Standing On Hallowed Ground

For this song, I wanted an uplifting, inspirational feeling - almost a gospel.

I would be thrilled to have a very gutsy singer cover this song, with frenetic drums backing. It's really quite a blast to play this one!


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