Stephanie Sherwood
Stephanie Sherwood is a bit of a wunderkind - Inspired by her older sister, Stephanie began piano lessons at age four. At age seven, she started the violin, and studied with Leroy Bauer for several years. When she realized the violin wasn’t really right for her, she switched to cello, and fell in love. She has been playing cello ever since, actively participating in several orchestras and chamber groups (we call her "Ma Ma Yo"). Now, as an adult, she is a marvelously accomplished cellist and keyboard player, in addition to being gifted with a beautiful voice and a perfect ear! Focused and disciplined, she demonstrates all of these talents in Alan's music.

She has studied with various instructors, including Dr. Del Parkinson of Boise State University. Classically trained, she also has experience in jazz, and enjoys listening to the works of current artists such as Snow Patrol, Coldplay, The Shins, and Sufjan Stevens. Although her main focus is piano, Stephanie also plays the harp, a little bit of guitar, and sings. When she’s not studying or practicing, she rides horses, composes some of her own music, and of course loves hanging out with her friends.


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