Alan Kim Cochran
Musically, a mix of Greg Lake, Donovan, and David Bowie, with a Celtic flair - sculptor, fantasy writer, film producer, songwriter, and musician Alan Kim Cochran draws upon a wealth of experiences and emotions to create songs of love, fear, and yearning. He has been playing guitar and singing for thirty-seven years, and is now churning out evocative acoustic ballads.

Alan cites his musical influences as: Jethro Tull, Greg Lake, The Moody Blues, Donovan, David Bowie, Loreena McKennitt, R.E.M., Oingo Boingo, Sarah McLachlan, Dick Gaughan, and Led Zeppelin - among many others.

Alan Kim Cochran is originally from Whittier, California, but currently resides in Boise, Idaho with his wife Lynn, and children: Ennis and Ian. Alan is a member of ASCAP; His publisher is Zeroth Publishing; his label is Zeroth Music.

A REVIEW, BY JEREMIAH SUTHERLAND, OF BULLFROG MUSIC: "I confess I’m a sucker for cello and flute in my music. I confess that I love literary, intelligent, dramatic, carefully crafted lyrics and charming melodies. I own up to the enjoyment of listening to an unaffected masculine tenor.

This music has a definite Celtic taste and smell, but like many fine wines, there’s much more available to the listener who takes the time to linger over the glass. You’ll find elements of Loreena McKennitt, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, The Moody Blues, Al Stewart and quite a few others. So the music isn’t just Celtic; it harks back to some of the magical, fairy-touched music produced by the likes of Steeleye Span and Pentangle. It’s that old folk-rock tradition updated to the new century.

The ambience is dark with speckles of light which may or may not be stars. There’s a mixture of regret, fond remembrance, gentleness and wistfulness at the roads not taken.

The cello and flute are used to great effect, providing nice touches of both deep sonority (cello) and floating musicality (flute). The albums are mixed so as to reveal their presence without letting them take over the stage... Sweet, mellifluous, good listening".


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