Alan Kim Cochran
Musically, a mix of Greg Lake, Donovan, and David Bowie, with a Celtic flair - sculptor, fantasy writer, film producer, songwriter, and musician Alan Kim Cochran draws upon a wealth of experiences and emotions to create songs of love, fear, and yearning. He has been playing guitar and singing for thirty-seven years, and is now churning out evocative acoustic ballads.

Alan cites his musical influences as: Jethro Tull, Greg Lake, The Moody Blues, Donovan, David Bowie, Loreena McKennitt, R.E.M., Oingo Boingo, Sarah McLachlan, Dick Gaughan, and Led Zeppelin - among many others.

Alan Kim Cochran is originally from Whittier, California, but currently resides in Boise, Idaho with his wife Lynn, and children: Ennis and Ian. Alan is a member of ASCAP; His publisher is Zeroth Publishing; his label is Zeroth Music.

A REVIEW, BY JEREMIAH SUTHERLAND, OF BULLFROG MUSIC: "I confess I’m a sucker for cello and flute in my music. I confess that I love literary, intelligent, dramatic, carefully crafted lyrics and charming melodies. I own up to the enjoyment of listening to an unaffected masculine tenor.

This music has a definite Celtic taste and smell, but like many fine wines, there’s much more available to the listener who takes the time to linger over the glass. You’ll find elements of Loreena McKennitt, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, The Moody Blues, Al Stewart and quite a few others. So the music isn’t just Celtic; it harks back to some of the magical, fairy-touched music produced by the likes of Steeleye Span and Pentangle. It’s that old folk-rock tradition updated to the new century.

The ambience is dark with speckles of light which may or may not be stars. There’s a mixture of regret, fond remembrance, gentleness and wistfulness at the roads not taken.

The cello and flute are used to great effect, providing nice touches of both deep sonority (cello) and floating musicality (flute). The albums are mixed so as to reveal their presence without letting them take over the stage... Sweet, mellifluous, good listening".

Don Cunningham
Alan Kim Cochran's albums are recorded at Don's studio, Cunningham Audio, in Boise, Idaho, USA. Don's life IS music, and has been for decades! Don serves as engineer, and also plays bass and lead guitar, some keyboard, and engages in other auditory wizardry. Check out Don's site at: Cunningham Audio

Stephanie Sherwood
Stephanie Sherwood is a bit of a wunderkind - Inspired by her older sister, Stephanie began piano lessons at age four. At age seven, she started the violin, and studied with Leroy Bauer for several years. When she realized the violin wasn’t really right for her, she switched to cello, and fell in love. She has been playing cello ever since, actively participating in several orchestras and chamber groups (we call her "Ma Ma Yo"). Now, as an adult, she is a marvelously accomplished cellist and keyboard player, in addition to being gifted with a beautiful voice and a perfect ear! Focused and disciplined, she demonstrates all of these talents in Alan's music.

She has studied with various instructors, including Dr. Del Parkinson of Boise State University. Classically trained, she also has experience in jazz, and enjoys listening to the works of current artists such as Snow Patrol, Coldplay, The Shins, and Sufjan Stevens. Although her main focus is piano, Stephanie also plays the harp, a little bit of guitar, and sings. When she’s not studying or practicing, she rides horses, composes some of her own music, and of course loves hanging out with her friends.

 Chalazon has been playing flute and saxophone in various bands for many years, and his playing brings great enhancement to Alan's songs.

Mike Lemieux
Pianist/composer Mike Lemieux has been writing and performing professionally since 1992. His stylistic influences range from new age pianists David Lanz and George Winston to jazz masters David Benoit and Vince Guaraldi; his compositional style draws inspiration from the film and television work of composers Bob James, Mike Post and David Foster. Mike Lemieux's keys have been a lively addition to some of Alan's more active pieces.

Bart Barbour
Bart Barbour has been playing for more than forty years. While an aficionado of Chicago-style blues harmonica, Bart also plays pedal steel guitar, dobro, and 6-string guitars. After working in numerous C & W and Rockabilly bands in New York, California, Texas, and New Mexico, he moved to Boise, Idaho in 2001, and plays whenever the opportunity arises. In civilian life, Bart Barbour is a historian of the American West at Boise State University.

Aaron Rynearson
Aaron is a woodwind player, and has played professionally with a number of orchestras in several western states. He specializes in playing unusual instruments, such as English Horn, Bass Oboe, Bass Flute, Recorders, and other permutations of these instruments.

Tony Lemmon
Tony has added fiddle to some of Alan's compositions, adding an earthy accessibility and, at times, making spirits soar.

Jim Hammon
Master of Congas, Bongos, Drums... and anything that makes a noise when struck!    

Lynda Johnson
Alan is honored to have the lovely Lynda Johnson lend her talents to his endeavors - she's an accomplished singer, multi-instrumentalist, and writer, with an Enya-like voice, and a love for Celtic music and fantasy, which gives her great validity in our book! To explore her music click here.

Alison Ward
Player of the rare, and eerie, Musical Saw (yes, it's an actual carpenter's saw - just modified a touch!). Just a little spooky...


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